Minario NFT Launch Coming Soon In: July 2022

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  • 01
    Launched Minario NFT on Telegram, Twitter and Instagram
  • 02
    Launched Minario NFT official website
  • 03
    Launching Minario Whitelist Event
  • 04
    Launch 1,000 Minario NFTs in Windvane (Kucoin NFT Platform)
  • 05
    Offer Swap Plan
  • 06
    Introduce more Japan Video Actress participate in our platform
  • 07
    Launch AV NFT Marketplace
  • 08
    Establish AV DAO organization ( provide NFT holders a chance to co-create and decision making in AV related production )
  • 09
    Collaborate with Japan Manga Organization
  • 10
    Issuance AV Token
  • 11
    Develop Minario NFT on Metaverse


Minario NFT initiated by a large Japanese AV actress agency. They have the ambition to create a community connecting Japanese AV culture enthusiasts all over the world. Minario is one of the most famous AV actresses of their company.

Our mission is to build a community of kindred spirit people to promote the culture of Japanese Video Actress. Meanwhile, we intended to provide our NFT fans an unprecedented experience. While retaining the unique perspective and preserving the value of Japanese AV culture, we incorporate WEB3.0 features to create a DAO community of Japanese AVs to provide special privileges and benefits to NFT holders so they can participate in the co-building/decision making and dividend sharing of the DAO community.

Minario NFT will be the first batch of NFT minted on Kucoin NFT platform – Windvane.

Minario NFT will be minted in line with Windvane’s schedule. Always keep an eye on our most recent update.

The initial batch will have 300 Minario NFT available. In phase 1, a total of 1000 NFT will be minted.

You will own the rights to the acquired NFT, as well as the underlying artwork, for both personal and commercial use. We will reserve commercial rights for merchandise, which will be further disclosed.

You will entitled to enjoy different perks which shown in our website and social media channel.

Japanese video art culture is underrepresented in this new technology. We believe this status needs to be changed as every culture is worth preserving. By supporting our NFT project, you will not only promote the culture, you are bringing new spark to the NFT and metaverse space. You may refer to more details on our roadmap.

Join our whitelist event announced in our social media platform and complete the task.

We will release the latest news on the official website, Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Telegram.

NFT Holders entitled to join our swap plan designed for our initial supporter. All the NFT holders on phase 1 are entitled to swap their previous NFT with the newest version by a given swap value (guarantee 20% or higher than the initial public sale price).

The purpose to establish AV DAO is to change the existing production and distribution mechanism in the JAV industry. NFT collectors and holders will be able to participate in producing JAV movie, comic collaboration, merchandise, as well streaming and offline activities.

You can reach us at Minario NFT telegram at https://t.me/OfficialMinarioNFT and Minario NFT discord at http://dsc.gg/minarionft

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